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Salam alaik and salam sejahtera…
I personally wanna congratulate all 1st year juniors as they already started their MBBS course this coming Monday. To other batches especially 3rd year, welcome aboard to clinical life where real things happen.

So basically this post is about question asked by my fellow juniors regarding textbooks. I hope this post may benefit us altogether. 

The standard international book will always be the same where ever you go. However there are some special preferences from each lecturer based on their own experience which surely will help us. As we are having a lot of lecturers abroad, so there are some books recommended by them and I personally find it so easy to use and easy to understand all the facts. Some notes regarding books:
  • 1st year
o   Anatomy they will have 4 types of books; Gray’s Anatomy textbook, Netter atlas (atlas is some sort of kamus bergambar), histology book as well as embryology book.
o   Physiology will use the Guyton.
o   Biochemistry using books by U Satranarayana but some other international book also can be use. 

  • 2nd year
o   Pathology usually we use Robbins and Cotran. We also had textbook from India. The author is Harsh Mohan. For Pathology u might need to have atlas as well.
o   Microbiology book is by Jawetz but I personally used Microbiology textbook by Chakraborty.
o   Forensic we can use Krishnan Vij. There is also another book written by Gautam Biswas which is a review of Forensic Medicine.
o   Pharmacology suggested book is Lippincott, Katzung as well as K.D Tripati.

  • 3rd year (during my time)
o   Medical we can use Kumar & Clark or Davidson.Some handbook like oxford handbook also will be easy to carry around and so helpful especially when we attend clinic session.
o   Surgery is either Browse or the best one is Bailey & Love.
o   For O&G we can use Obstetric and Gynecology by Ten Teachers.
o    For pediatrics, there are two books; Nelson and Illustrative Pediatric or the popular name is Sunflower book.We also must have a pediatric protocol by MOH.
o   PCM can use John Murtagh.
o   Psychiatry can use DSM IV book, Kaplan & Saddock as well as Psychiatry clerkship book.

 I hope that it may help some of you to choose which book to read. Beli dan bace ye? Jangan jadik mcm saya...having a stack of unread book at home. Haha..



aqu hanya seorang penulis said...

mcm mne nk excel utk 2nd year msu ? budak junior nak lalu hehe

The Medical Duo said...

Akak pon x de la excel pon.. cukup2 makan je lepas. Tapi tengok cara study budak2 distinction batch akak... rasanya jwpn dia regular study kot :)

Anonymous said...

kene khatam semua buku ke? mak datok ai. perghhh

The Medical Duo said...

Khatam?? entah la... lebih kurang la :)

Anonymous said...

susah tak? dalam exam dia tanya semua la eh? sis, sy 18, minat medik, tp entahlah..

The Medical Duo said...

Semua course susah dik. Cuma kalau nk senang sikit kna make sure whatever we do, we had passion. It's gonna be easy InsyaAllah

Zack said...

salam kak..saya bru tmat pngajian dlm IB..nk apply ke MSU dlm bidang perubtn..ada ap2 kakak boleh share yg mnrik kt MSU???..pasal facility ke??how about the requirement and intake for new student bila??tq for ur corperation :)

The Medical Duo said...

wkumslm dik. Akak ade banyak share kat blog akk ni pasal MSU. Latest kat sini http://synergistichatidoktormuda.blogspot.com/2013/08/freshman.html boleh review nanti. Kat sini pon memang ramai budak A- Level ngan IB. Mesti ade senior2 kamu kat sini. Kalau kamu bleh gtau akak kamu buat IB kat kolej mane, maybe akk boleh carikan senior yg kamu boleh straightaway contact.

Req untuk IB akk x sure la dik. Intake ade 2.April dengan October. Usually IB, A- Level, Matriculation program ngan Foundation senang apply MARA scholar. Should b ok if u do well during your IB.

add me at sternocleidomastoid90@yahoo.com nnt akk bleh add kamu ngan budak2 ex IB.

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