Stop Child Abuse!!!


Assalamualaikum w.b.t and salam sejahtera..

Alhamdulillah today, saya baru je balik dari Seminar One Stop Crisis Centre anjuran OSCC Unit & SCAN team of HSB. This program is basically about how we as medical doctors cater child abuse cases. 

Regardless of the types of abuse, this seminar cover all aspect by giving some brief guideline how to manage patient that came to us with the chief complaint of abuse.Memang best!!!

Many of us regard a word ‘abuse’ as a taboo in our society. But as the time flies, the abuse cases especially related to child abuse are increasing day by day. It’s sad to know that people are reluctant to discuss this matter and they keep on closing their mind. So let’s have some anjakan paradigma starting from today by opening our mind and and have some knowledge what abuse is all about, ok? 


Abuse is defined as any sort of assault; maybe physical, sexual, emotional, negligence, exploitation or trafficking that might alter the health, life as well as the child’s dignity. Abuse is not only sexual ok! For example:

  • A mother who neglect the daily needs of her child; for example clothing, feeding, schooling is considered as abuse.
  • Pemerdagangan orang (like jual anak...jual isteri…) also considered abuse.
  • Menggunakan kanak- kanak untuk meminta sedekah di kira sebagai exploitasi which is also considered as abusive.
  • Rakan sekerja or boss kat pejabat yg suke usha lain macam and salu sentuh2 anda…or buat isyarat yg xsepatutnya ( u know what I’m saying…) di tempat kerja is consider sexual abuse.
So instead of understanding abuse as only sexual abuse, there are actually a lot of other types of abuse that we might encounter daily but we missed it. 

“the eyes cannot see what the mind do not know”’
So as for the seminar per se, there were 9 speakers which talks about physical and sexual abuse in children. The speakers came from various department; Pediatric, Obstetric & Gynecology, Forensic Medicine, Psychiatry. This seminar covers all aspect of management of abuse cases patients. 

There were even invited speakers from PDRM; DSP Choo Lily…memang best sangat dia punye talk. Dah macam Inspektor Aleeza dalam Gerak Khas pon ade. Theee (^^,)… Apart from that, we also have sessions with a speaker from JKM, a Psychologist from JKNS and the representative from All Women’s Action Society (AWAM).

We gain a lot of new information from the speakers today... thanks to Pediatric Specialist, Dr. Zahilah Filzah for the invitation.

Banyak sebenarnya hal berkaitan child abuse yang kita tak tahu, so dalam entry2 lepas ni I try my best to share some important examples of child abuse…insyaAllah (^___^).

So to put in a nutshell, child abuse is not a personal problem. It is a nationwide problem that needs all available hands to stop it spread further in the society. Say no to CHILD ABUSE!!!


P/S: Happy faces of my colleague after the seminar ends. Gonna write about “Shaken Baby Syndrome” later… astalavista!


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