New Fiqh Medic Apps by Elsevier


Assalamualaikum w.b.t and salam sejahtera to all my fellow readers. Semoga kalian semua berada dalam lindungan Allah selalu. InsyaAllah 

Xpernah rasanya tetibe bersemangat nak buat post malam2 buta macam ni especially bila baru balik on call kat Emergency Department. Memang burnt out la sebab Emergency ni memang hectic especially at night.

But today, I’m not gonna talk about EM at all....but about something else which is quite interesting

Bila balik rumah my routine schedule to do with my laptop are always 3 things:

Check my mail, check my facebook notification and on my skype (anakmak@yahoo.com ) ^__^

So tadi bila log in email, I got one email from Elsevier. It’s a mail about one new app developed by them. The app is called Care of Muslims Patient- A Practical Guide.

So basically this app is about Fiqh Medic la lebih kurang about do and don’t that we as a healthcare people especially to know when we deal with muslims patient. Apart from that, this app also provides the medical profession with the information needed to appreciate the concerns of this community and thus improve the delivery of healthcare. 

App ni bukan calang2 olang yang buat tau? It is a JV program between Elsevier Singapore with Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA)

Other description from this app:

Simple and user friendly page

Download of this app includes four free chapters – The Concept of Illness in Islam, General Consultation, Permitted and Forbidden Food and Abortion

Antara intipati add ini... bestnye kalu ade iPad or iPhone (T____T)

Features are 26 chapters divided according to five main categories: 

  • Islam and Health Careo Etiquette in Treating Muslim Patients
  • Medical and Cultural Issueso Permitted and Forbidden
  • Medical Dilemmas 

• Facts in each chapter are categorized according to Understand, Dos, Don’ts, Caution and Case Study/FAQ for easy reading and reference.

• Top Queries featuring seven patient-centric categories: 

  • Female Muslim patientso Elderly Muslim patients
  • Muslim patients with asthma
  • Muslim patients with diabetes
  • Muslim patients with cardiac conditions
  • Prescribing for Muslim patients
  • Muslim inpatients 

• Relevant images and videos for better understanding.
• Bookmark relevant topics and sections for quick reference.
• Make and save notes.
• Perform keyword search.
• Minimize and maximize font size.
• Available for iPhone® and iPadTM

I myself takde iPad or iPhone (T___T) so x tahu la sejauh mane app ni berkesan or membantu dalam our daily practice as healthcare workers. But kalau sesiapa yg nak cube, boleh la download app ini. Harga untuk complete purchase is just $9.99.

Selamat mendownload!

Wassalam .


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