A, B, O, AB ??


Do anyone ever notice that blood group can give effect on people's behaviour??

Then check diz out... :)





In a nutshell

Cannot stand people who hide the truth

Pessimistic and too sensitive

Cannot take orders easily

Romantic and sentimental

Basic Behavior

Make objectives clear

Careful about decision-making

Make decisions fast

Extremely practical

Possess great deal of confidence

Make things clear in black and white

Can be flexible

Excellent in analyses

Honest, optimistic and energetic

Care too much about social rules and standards

Do not care about rules

Give fair criticisms

Respect scientific and practical findings

Cannot decide when it comes to important issues


Strength and endurance depend on their aim

High tolerance for physical or repetitive work

Maintain the longest interest in what they do

Try to be hard-working

Give up easily if they find the job meaningless

Cannot take changes easily

Seem impatient

Tend to be impatient

Lose interest in a hobby easily

Dislike repetitious work

How do they see their future and past?

Positive about the past, thus do not regret about the past

Try hard to forget the past

Hard to forget recent affairs, but able to forget past and memories

Sentimental about the past

Seek financial stability for the future

Pessimistic about the future

More concern about the immediate problems than anything else

How do they express their emotions?

Usually stable and calm

Able to display cool outlook even though angry



Sensitive towards sincerity


Cool and objective

Usually cool and steady, but can get upset with an immediate, unsolved problem

Give frank, direct opinions

Take longer to heal a broken heart

Although joke a lot, could actually be very shy

Can get moody easily

Sensitive to others' opinions

Change moods like the weather

Cannot stop complaining when they are upset

How do they work?

Ability to concentrate vary from time to time, depending on aim


Creative and possess new ideas

Able to handle a wide scope of jobs

Mostly prefer to lead

Handle one thing at a time

Cannot differentiate between work and hobby

Value hard work

Can overlook details

Work a line between work and personal affairs

Cannot take orders

Quick in understanding

Highly responsible

Do not hesitate to introduce innovative changes and are not worried about theirs criticisms

Not highly responsible and unable to follow-up on a project until its completion

Tend to choose hobbies which help them release stress

Tend to be artistic in approach

Haha..so now..what do u think?

Just a simple share from a reliable source :)



Miss Fas said...

hehe..entry ni best..tapi tgok2 ade jugak betol nye..hehe :)

asyaari said...

tapi,kalu ikut ni,kte mgkn bkn darah o tp drh AB.. cmnr erk?

MSZ said...

Bila dah kenal jenis darah seseorang, hormatilah dia semampunya...huu

The Medical Duo said...

fas: ur da 1st to comment :)

asyaari: ang ni pelik skit la kot asyaari...:P

MSZ: yup2 datz rite

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