God's gifts for us are Irreplaceable.


Assalamualaikum wrh, wbt

-We always say that God's blessings are priceless. But what do we actually understand about the word 'priceless'?

-Let me give you an example. In human heart, there are 4 valves, namely Tricuspid, Pulmonary, Mitral & Aortic valves. Each valve plays a very important role in keeping the blood flow the way it's intended.


-Say if something were to happen to any of these valves that damages it, the result is almost fatal in a long run.

-And to replace any of it nowadays will cost you at least USD15,000each.

-BUT, the replacement will not be the same with the original ones which God has given you. Each has advantages and disadvantages in terms of durability (how long they will last) and risk of blood clots forming on the valve.

-A bovine (cow) valve, for example, although is more natural, will require you to change it every 10-15 years due to its 'wear and tear'properties. Also there are some risks of rejection, because the body consider it as something 'alien' to the body.

-The same thing goes to the porcine (pig) valve which is the most similar to the human heart.

-A mechanical (synthetic) valve on the other hand, although lasts longer, requires consistent anti-coagulation therapy (blood thinner) for the rest of the patient's life. Otherwise blood clots will form around it causing thromboembolism.

-So, you can see now why God's gifts for us are irreplaceable.


-One more thing, as we know, all parts of dead animals which are not slaughtered according to the Islamic method is considered as najis. So, it got me thinking, "Apa hukum umat Islam berusaha mengeluarkan produk 'bovine (cow) valve' yang suci dan tidak najis? Fardhu kifayah kah?"



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